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Alyson Flint


Alyson Flint

Alyson Flint graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a Bachelor’s degree in both
Psychology and Sociology and a Master’s degree in Social Work. Alyson
practices as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate, meaning she
functions the same as a counselor, but with a social work background.
During her studies, she gained an extensive understanding of people,
relationships, and the mind. She strives to offer a comprehensive therapy
approach, taking into consideration the person and their environment, and
meeting you where you are.

Her focuses includes anxiety and anxiety management, panic attacks,
sexuality issues, depression, stress, and life changes. She enjoys using
creativity in her practice as she finds it both stress relieving and a
great outlet for those feelings that don’t quite fit into words. While
processing hard emotions is a big part of therapy, time spent laughing and
being silly is also healing as it helps you connect to our true authentic
selves. Alyson loves to include her sidekick, Ellie the Goldendoodle, into
therapy as well. She loves to assist in mindfulness exercises or just be a
furry friend during sessions.


Alyson has experience working with adolescents, adults, and groups ranging
from a hospital setting to residential facilities. She specialize in mind,
body, and spirit practices and enjoy incorporating mindfulness and other
intentional, non-judgmental practices to therapy. She believes that sharing
one’s experience and thoughts without judgement can lead to a greater
understanding of the self, and when combined with goals and action, leads
to self-growth and reaching one’s fullest potential.

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