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Carly M Raimondo, LMFT


LMFT Therapist

Location: Davidson

Carly graduated from Belmont Abbey College with a bachelor of arts degree in Education in 2005, and her master’s in marriage and family therapy from Pfeiffer University in 2010. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed clinical addictions specialist. Carly has worked in a collaborative medical therapy setting, with intensive in-home therapy, and in opioid treatment. She believes whole-heartedly in the therapeutic bond and the importance of the joining process between client and therapist.

According to Carly, therapy is essential to living a whole-hearted life. She practices from an integrative approach and utilizes a systemic view based on the Bowen Family Systems perspective. This means she sees not only the client in front of her, but also their family, environment, job, lifestyle, friends, and spirituality. She sees how people are affected and impacted by the environments in which they live. During a therapy session, Carly works with clients using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to change thoughts and behaviors. She also frequently incorporates mindfulness techniques into her sessions.

Carly has worked with all kinds of populations throughout her practice––children, families, couples, and individuals. She is passionate about working with couples to improve their communication and strengthen their relationships. Some of the topics she has addressed in couples counseling include: infidelity, finding roles within the relationship, parenting, separation, co-parenting after separation, intimacy, and conflict management.

When it comes to family counseling, Carly examines the whole family, as well as the various units that make up a family. This is a flexible process that can incorporate kids, parents, and extended family. She has worked with families on trauma, addictions, infidelity, grief and loss, bereavement, custody, abuse, and working with DSS. Carly also works with addiction and has supported individuals addicted to various substances. She believes strongly in supporting not only the addicted individual, but the family unit as well.

When not working, Carly enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves reading, hiking, cooking, and traveling.

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