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Eating Disorders-Specific Therapeutic Group Support


We are pleased to offer you a wide variety of therapeutic group support and support groups specifically designed to meet your eating disorders recovery support needs.

Emotional Eating Therapy Group

If you are struggling in silence and secrecy with emotional or binge eating, you know all too well that isolation is not your friend. Receiving group support affirms that you are not alone in your struggle, that you too can overcome the devastation of secretive eating cycles, that you are worth recovering for, and that you do have sufficient support from professionals and peers to stay strong in the face of urges. While participating in this group you will also continue to meet individually with a dietitian and therapist. All individual and group meetings will give you the chance to learn and practice mindful eating skills to ease fears and build confidence.

M.E.A.L. Support (Mindful Eating & Learning) Group

If you are in recovery from disordered eating issues, you are acutely aware of how stressful mealtimes can be, whether you are alone or in a social meal setting. In this group, which is designed to specifically address social mealtime stressors, you will be provided with professional and peer support during and for 30 minutes following each supervised meal. In the 30 minute time frame following each meal, you will be given an opportunity to share and process your feelings about your mealtime experiences. You will also learn valuable distress tolerance and relaxation skills to aid you in expressing, and then releasing, problematic emotions related to food and mealtimes.

Parent Training Therapy Group

When your child falls ill with an eating disorder, it feels like the whole world stops. It is easy to assume that since you are the parent, you should know exactly what to do to fix what is wrong – and it is equally to blame yourself when you discover you don’t. This is why we are dedicated to providing the highest level of parental education through offering parents of sufferers the chance to participate in the Duke University Parent Training Program. This program will equip you with vital skills in meal management, emotion regulation, stress management, and body image improvement. Learning these skills will boost your confidence just when you need it most, and give you the practical tools to help your child win the battle of a lifetime with flying colors.

Men’s Eating Disorders Therapy Group

If you are a male struggling with disordered eating issues, you don’t need a statistic to tell you that eating disorders are on the rise for males of all ages today. While there are many issues common to all who suffer from disordered eating, as a male, you know that some issues are unique to your gender. We provide a safe, confidential space in an extended time frame for you to explore with your peers your uniquely male experiences of body image pressures, compulsive exercise, muscle mass and body focus, food and eating, and much more. Each group is offered on an 8-week cycle.

Body Image and Movement Therapy Group

The culture we live in emphasizes extremely unrealistic, and often quite dangerous, expectations of beauty and attractiveness. Moving through your daily life while taking in these kinds of images and messages can leave you feeling fragile, frustrated, exhausted, and angry at the very body which serves and supports you so well. In this group, you will learn strategies and techniques to circumvent society’s messages and learn to celebrate and inhabit the uniquely beautiful form and face that you possess, while developing a deeper appreciation of yourself as a multi-dimensional and wonderful human being.

A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps—An Intensive Practice

Practicing the Twelve Steps of Eating Disorders Anonymous gives a welcome and supportive structure to the day-to-day hard work of recovery. In this women-only Twelve Step-based therapy group, you will learn to receive and to give back in an even exchange of experience, strength, and hope that facilitates the recovery process for all involved. In this group, you will take your understanding and application of the Twelve Steps to a much deeper level as the facilitator guides you in an intense exploration of each step, complete with activities, assignments, and group discussions.

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