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Life on Pause


Life on Pause


What is Life on Pause?

The Life on Pause group provides support and skills training for young adults from 18-25 for an 8-week module. This telehealth group is designed to tackle two overarching themes: Coping with environmental stress (the Pandemic, being displaced, societal unrest, entering the work world, etc.) and navigating adulthood. COVID-19 has disrupted young adults in their daily lives leaving many with questions and new insecurities.

The purpose of this group is to offer a community-service for young adults that will provide education and support for their current stress and concerns. The group curriculum aims to cultivate courage, vulnerability, and resilience in response to navigating adulthood amidst these ever-changing times. The group will provide interventions that promote effective coping, self-awareness, and psychoeducation around emerging adulthood.

Leaders will utilize skills and techniques incorporating evidence-based therapeutic models of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead, and Person-centered models. This model combines self-awareness with measurable and realistic behavioral goals.


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