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Online Counseling/Telepsych:

At Southlake, we want your therapy experience to work with your lifestyle by making it as easy and accessible as possible. Southlake Counseling is proud to offer online counseling (Telepsych) through a HIPPA-compliant platform, DOXY.ME, to give you the opportunity to talk with your therapist from wherever you may be in the world!

Telepsych removes the awkward waiting room sitting, or running the risk of seeing someone you know, both of which are enough to making therapy even more difficult.

The process is simple. Your individual therapist will give you their unique web link, and you will enter their virtual “waiting room”, there the therapist will start the session.

While our therapist are happy to do virtual therapy with you, the first interaction is always the most important and is best if it occurs in-person. We also understand that, if you are planning to utilize your insurance benefits, you call to check with your carrier to ensure online counseling is covered within your plan.

Interested in starting your online counseling experience today? Give us a call at 704.896.7776 to schedule your initial assessment today.

During the COVID-19 Outbreak, we are able to offer initial appointments virtually as well.

We are able to see clients in all of NC, SC, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, and Colorado

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