VIP Concierge Therapy and Life Coaching


If your status, lifestyle, or employment do not allow you to seek traditional therapy or coaching services in a therapy office, or if your previous therapy experiences have not helped, VIP Concierge Therapy and Life Coaching might be for you.

Kimberly Krueger, MSW, LCSW is a master, certified therapist, life and business coach, adjunct college professor, field instructor, three-time business owner, supervisor, and trainer, and is an expert at providing VIP Concierge Therapy and Life Coaching. Kimberly provides therapy and coaching to some of the most elite members of society and to individuals, couples, and families who, due to privacy issues, would prefer not to be seen in a waiting room or have their identities disclosed. No waiting room and no insurance records mean no concerns about your anonymity or privacy being violated. Twenty-five-plus years of passion, experience, expertise, and multiple highest level certifications ensure the best chance for you and your loved one to get better. As an individual who owes her own recovery to effective therapy, Kimberly is passionate about life, happiness, therapy, and empowering others to live their best lives.

 VIP Concierge Therapy and Life Coaching at its best.

Kimberly provides on-call, in-home, and mobile tele-therapy, allowing you or your family member to remain in the comfort of your own home, while helping you become the best you can be.

Boutique Office and Virtual/Mobile Options

Services may be provided at a location of your choosing or at our conveniently located office in Davidson, NC. Phone and tele-therapy sessions are also available.

Customized Services

Services are available on-call in a variety of settings. This allows Kimberly to utilize an integrative approach to therapy/coaching that might otherwise be limited by the confines of a typical office setting, or by what your insurance company may authorize. She colors outside the lines to ensure you or your family member not only survive challenges, but thrive and hopefully give back to help others. Kimberly’s local team of professionals provide services in many areas. She also has access to a worldwide network of therapists and coaches and can pair you with any needed professional.

VIP Concierge Therapy and Life Coaching for out-of–office services:

Initial Consultation:

Intake session consists of one 75-minute session.

  • does not include travel fees if located outside of travel distance
  • does not include transportation costs, flight costs, or accommodation costs, if needed.

VIP Concierge Plans:

Kimberly’s VIP Concierge Plans allow you or your family to have individual, private access to Kimberly’s unique suite of services in a variety of settings and modalities, including access to her outside-of-session time via personal text or email, virtual access, road trip and travel options*, complete hospital and surgery companion service*, celebrity lifestyle adjustment, and family-based services for eating disorders and trauma. Emergent Care Packages and Yearly Packages also allow access to Kimberly and/or one of her team members for 24/7 skills coaching.

A 10% discount on all additional sessions is available with purchase of a Monthly VIP Concierge Plan.

VIP Intensive Treatment Packages:

Available upon request. If you or your family member require one-on-one intensive services and want to avoid hospitalization, please give us a call. Kimberly is happy to consult with you, suggest inpatient options, or design an outpatient program that will allow you or your family member to avoid hospitalization. This has been her life’s passion for twenty-five years and she knows what works.

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